EAVPT 2015

19 to 22 July 2015 - Cité Nantes Events Center, Nantes, France

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Wednesday 22 July



Pharmacodynamics 3 & Recent and innovative advances

Auditorium 450

Chairs: G. Abraham and M. Y. Mallem

Oncology: new pharmacological targets
Catherine Ibisch - Nantes (FR)

Short oral communications

The Use of Synovial Fluid Biomarkers to Study Corticosteroid Pharmacodynamics in Exercised Thoroughbred Horses
H. Knych - Davis (US)

Prevention of new bacterial infections of the mammary glands in dairy cows during the dry period using topical administration of chlorohexidine sustained release formulation
E. Lavy - Jerusalem (IL)

Intramammary propolis formulation for prevention and treatment of mastitis in dairy ruminants
L. Radin - Zagreb (HR)


Workshop Analgesics

Rooms G-H

Chairs: P. Flecknell and M. Gogny

New developments in cage-side assessment of pain in laboratory species
Paul Flecknell - Newcastle (UK)

Short oral communications

Covariate identification of propofol pharmacokinetics in maturing guide dogs
J. Del Castillo - Saint-Hyacinthe (CA)

Ultrasound monitoring protocol of intestinal motility in healthy horses after systemic morphine administration
C. Tessier - Nantes (FR)

Cranial spread of 3 volumes of procaïne 2% for caudal epidural analgesia in adult dairy cows
O. Topie-Nikolayenkova - Nantes (FR)

Comparison of xylazine and detomidine for caudal epidural analgesia in cattle
G. Touzot-Jourde - Nantes (FR)

Comparison of methadone and morphine sedation and analgesia in the NZW rabbit
G. Touzot-Jourde - Nantes (FR)


Coffee break - Poster session

Mezzanine - R2 Foyer Haut




Auditorium 450

Chairs: P. Berny and C. Nebbia

Monitoring unintentional effects of plant protection products and other environmental contaminants on non-target species: how can we manage?
Philippe Berny - Marcy-l’Etoile (FR)

Biomarkers of the exposure to dioxin-like compounds in mammalian species
Carlo Nebbia - Grugliasco (IT)

Potential of essential oils in medical and veterinary pest management: Efficacy and modes of action
Olivier Sparagano - Coventry (UK)

Short oral communications

The transdermal permeation of oil at seabirds – a research to estimate the prognosis of rehabilitation to establish a triage after an oil catastrophe
A. Willmes - Niedersachsen (GE)

Resistance to antivitamin K rodenticides: from wild rodents to humans
E. Benoit - Marcy-l’Etoile (FR)


Experimental design and Translational Medicine

Rooms G-H

Chairs: M. Kietzmann and J.-C. Desfontis

Experimental design and the three Rs
Manfred Kietzmann - Hannover (GE)

3R(evolution)s in Toxicological Research
Francesca Caloni - Milan (IT)

Translational medical research: The imperative for One Health Collaborations in pharmacology and toxicology
Lloyd Reeve-Johnson - Brisbane (AS)


Plenary Lecture

Auditorium 450

From cure to care - the changing landscape of veterinary medicine
Johanna Fink-Gremmels - Utrecht (NL)



Restaurant - R2


Awards and best posters

Auditorium 450


Closing ceremony and invitation to Wroclaw, Poland

Auditorium 450


Tour to the Veterinary College Oniris with registration on meeting place