Webinar ESVCP-ECVCP 2021

13-16 October 2021, France

Bandeau - Webinar ESVCP-ECVCP 2021

Sponsor - Virtual meeting room

To access the Cerba Vet virtual meeting room from Friday 15 October at 09:50

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Cerba Vet. Together with Antagene, Cerba Vet is a multidisciplinary team of veterinarians, technicians and nurses at your service to guide and help you in your diagnostic approach from clinical chemistry and microbiology to pathology and genetics. It is also the Cerba Vet College, a continuing education organization, which offers vet practical sessions to update their knowledge in many specialties of veterinary medicine.

E-mail: accueil@cerbavet.com
Web site: www.cerbavet.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/cerba-vet