21-24 May 2024 - Le Corum - Montpellier - France

Bandeau - AITVM-STVM 2024

   CIRAD Student Award

CIRAD award for the best student abstract, to support the participation of a young researcher(1) from low- and middle-income countries, at the third Joint AITVM-STVM International Conference, 2024.

CIRAD is offering this student award to cover registration fees, accommodation and travel expenses for a young researcher(1) at the third Joint AITVM-STVM International Conference in Montpellier in May 2024.

CIRAD is the French agricultural research and international cooperation organization working for the sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions. ‘Working together for tomorrow’s agriculture’.

CIRAD works with its partners to build knowledge and solutions and invent resilient farming systems for a more sustainable, inclusive world. It mobilizes science, innovation and training in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. It is strongly involved in the improvement of animal health and veterinary public health.

CIRAD, a long-time member of AITVM and STVM and the local organizer of the 3rd AITVM-STVM Conference, has always promoted the reinforcement of partners’ capacity building and sharing of relevant scientific results with partners from low-and-middle income countries. In this context, CIRAD considers that it is essential to give the opportunity to young scientists to participate and present their results to international conferences in order to valorise their scientific project and meet outstanding researchers specialized on veterinary medicine and animal health.

The award is to encourage and support a student from low- and middle-income countries to attend this third Joint AITVM-STVM Conference.

The selection will be made by a committee appointed by CIRAD.

The winner will be asked to prepare a 15 minutes oral presentation of his/her work to the conference in Montpellier.

The competition is open to veterinary and graduate students interested in tropical veterinary medicine. Only applicants from low- and middle-income countries as defined by the World Bank will be eligible.

All arrangements will be made with the approval of the CIRAD.

Please Note: The award covers the basic costs associated with attending the meeting. The student applicant agrees to assume responsibility for any additional expenses incurred.

(1) Young researcher = Master or PhD-students, PhD students who have graduated for less than one year at the time of the conference are eligible, age < 40 years.


The applicant must submit the following material for evaluation:

1. Research Summary

The student will prepare a thorough and precise summary of not more than 3 typed pages describing a research or clinical medicine project performed by the applicant. The project should be in the area of tropical veterinary medicine or have direct relevance or application to it. The summary should contain a Title with all authors and institutions listed, type of research (Masters or PhD etc.), an introduction (history/motivation), materials and Methods, results or final disposition and a discussion/interpretation of these results. The project or research must be completed by the time of application and submission must be approved by all authors. The summary should convey sufficient information for the review committee to fully evaluate the project.

2. Abstract

A 400-word abstract based on the research summary will be prepared for inclusion in the conference program. The abstract should contain Title, authors, institution, concise description of the research, and a justification of the innovative and ground-breaking potential of the research presented for spearheading tropical veterinary medicine in the future.

3. Letters of Recommendation

The student should submit 2 letters of recommendation from faculty or professional members of the institution(s) which supported the research or clinical project. A proof of student status should be included with the recommendations (e.g. registration certificate).

4. Application Essay

The applicant should submit an essay of no more than 1 page indicating the student interest in tropical veterinary medicine, prior experiences and career goals.

5. Biographical Sketch

A CV should be submitted with the educational background of the applicant including academic awards, presentations or publications.

Deadline for receipt of student award application packet: February 16th, 2024. Reviews will be completed by or before March 15th 2024.

Send application by e-mail only to Betty MEDOUGA:, indicating under subject: ‘CIRAD Student Award for AITVM-STVM’.