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Webinar Standard Biotools:
High-plex whole slide spatial biology assays powered by the Hyperion XTi

Logo standard-biotoolsDate: Tuesday 23 April 2024 - Hours: 13h to 13h45

Chairs: Cyrille Mionnet, Aïda Meghraoui-Keddar & Catherine Blanc

Speaker: David Guet

Description: This webinar will showcase new enhancements in Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC), a powerful spatial biology technology that allows users to multiplex >40 proteins and RNA simultaneously using standard IHC staining techniques. In this webinar you will learn how, using the new Hyperion XTi, researchers can now perform whole slide imaging of 40+ markers at unprecedented speed. We will showcase a new imaging workflow that allows users to identify key cell populations and their interactions in complex tissues and highlight some of the key publications using this approach.

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Webinar BD: Réaliser sa théorie scientifique grâce à un workflow simple et complet

Logo BDDate: Thursday 16 May 2024 - Hours: 11h30 to 12h15

Chair: Florent Raffin

Speakers: Kevin Decker & Antoine Petit

Description: Présentation d’un workflow complet autour d’un projet scientifique d’analyse en profondeur des cellules T.

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Webinar ThermoFisher: Two data sets. One step. Zero doubt. Imaging enhanced Flow cytometry with Attune CytPix

Logo Thermo-FisherDate: Tuesday 4 June 2024 - Hours: 13h to 13h45

Chair: Florent Raffin

Speakers: Brice Bonhomme & Julie Cazareth

Description: coming soon.

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Webinar Agilent: Title coming soon

Logo Agilent_TADate: Tuesday 25 June 2024 - Hours: 13h to 13h45

Chairs: Florent Raffin

Speaker: Emeric Deruy

Description: coming soon.