ESOVE 2024

14-17 October 2024 - Corum, Montpellier, France

Bandeau - ESOVE 2024

Cultural trip & Gala dinner

Afternoon and evening at the Abbey of Valmagne

From the Corum, we'll take the bus to Valmagne Abbey. We will spend the afternoon and evening together in the magnificent Valmagne Abbey. Four guided activities will be on offer, and you will be able to sign up for a maximum of one of the following (choice and registration open when you register for the conference):

You can also choose to spend the afternoon wandering around the Abbey. There will be a farmers’ market where you can sample local produce and take home specialities from the south of France.

We will have the pleasure of hosting a Gala dinner in the Abbey from 7pm. Buses will take us back to the Corum from 11pm.

If you want to get to Valmagne Abbey on your own, here’s the address:

Your itinerary:
Abbaye Valmagne, 537 Route de Montagnac, 34560 Villeveyrac, France - Latitude : 43.499373 | Longitude : 3.597763

Near Sète, near the Thau lagoon, the Abbey of Valmagne is a stone poem in the lord’s vineyards,
one of the best preserved monuments of Cistercian art

Abbaye_de_Valmagne ©Romain Bréget - ©Jochen Jahnke - ©Madetjac - ©ByB

Each year, Valmagne welcomes more than 40,000 visitors who come to admire the cloister and its magnificent fountain, its 12th and 14th century gardens, the Gothic church, the chapter house and the monastic outbuildings. Rare abbey to have kept its wine estate, the Abbey of Valmagne has produced high quality wines for eight centuries, today organically grown with biodynamic inspiration, in the “Coteaux du Languedoc” and “Grès de Montpellier” appellation.

The Abbey of Valmagne was nicknamed the Cathedral of the Vines in homage to its exceptional site and to the notoriety of its wines exported around the world. A magnificent setting which sublimates the interpreted works. The venerable walls of the abbey, dedicated for so many years to silence, for twenty years resonate with the melodious accents of a classical music festival from the Middle Ages to our time.

Abbaye_de_Valmagne ©Selmoval - ©girochantal - ©Daniel Villafruela