FSEV-AFC Workshop 2024

February 7-9, 2024 - FIAP Jean Monnet, Paris, France

Bandeau - FSEV-AFC Workshop 2024

Welcome to the FSEV-AFC Hands-on Workshop 2024

Dear Attendees,

The first HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: “Single Extracellular Vesicles analysis” is jointly organized by the French Society of Extracellular Vesicles and the French Association of Cytometry.

Extracellular vesicles are gaining increasing attention from researchers and clinicians due to their pivotal roles in various physiological and pathological processes. They influence the progression and treatment responses of several diseases, including cancers. Additionally, extracellular vesicles hold promise as disease biomarkers, offering non-invasive diagnostic potential. The analysis of single extracellular vesicles is now emerging as the main challenge in the field of extracellular vesicles.

This workshop will cover the basic and advanced technology dedicated to single extracellular vesicles analysis and will consist of lectures by international experts in the field and hands-on pratical modules animated by the following companies: Abbelight, Agilent, BD, Beckman Coulter, Cytek Biosciences, Excilone & Particle Metrix, IZON, Malvern, Miltenyi, Myriade and NanoFCM.
The workshop will propose to 66 French and European participants to test a wide range of technologies dedicated to the quantification and characterization of single vesicles among which flow cytometry, super-resolution, single particle tracking.
The participants will be able to choose “à la carte” up to 4 workshops from a catalog detailing the different offers out of the eleven proposed. After finalizing the program, they will receive a first introductory document for each workshop where they are selected.

The workshop will be organized as follow over 3 days:

  • An afternoon dedicated to an overview of the fundamental and technological challenges in the study of extracellular vesicles by academic experts.
  • A full day with practical sessions divided into 4 slots of 2 hours where each company will allow groups of 6 people to manipulate directly their device and to test the reference material of the company and batches of calibrated vesicles.
  • A Morning dedicated to the analysis and the discussion of the results on each technology.

Detailed desciptions of modules and faculty bios will be available on this site soon. One month before the course you will be sent a final list of modules to indicate your preferences.

With best regards, on behalf of the Organizing Committee


Open to all those who are studying extracellular vesicles:

  • scientists, students and post-docs,
  • technicians, engineers,
  • core facility managers.

This will be useful for both beginning and advanced users.

Conditions of selection

66 places for the practical modules according to the number of participating companies.

Online registration


Registration deadline:
Thursday 4 January 2024

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Announcement poster

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