Sunday 26 september 2010

The updated scientific program is now available.

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Opening session and plenary lectures:

Two plenary sessions will be organized on Tuesday 19 July at 18:00 and three on Friday 22 July at 18:00. The program is not finalized yet, but the speakers’ presentations will be as follows:
  F. Moutou (ANSES Maisons-Alfort): About mammals and diseases
  J. Michaux (CBGP Montpellier): Phylogeny and Conservation genetics in Europe
  S. Renaud (LBBE Lyon): Evo-Devo and morphometrics: an insight into the evolutionary processes
  F. Bonhomme (ISEM Montpellier): Of mice and men: what’s new since the Neolithic?
  J.F. Merritt (INHS, University of Illinois): Life in the cold: winter survival strategies of small mammals
  R. Nathan (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Bat Movement Ecology

22 Thematic sessions (including both oral and poster communications) of various duration (from a half day to two days) will be scheduled by the organisers
Click on session titles to download their description.

1. Advances in studies on subterranean mammals (P. Van Daele org.)
2. Mammals and their parasites (B. Krasnov  & S. Morand  orgs.)
3. Mammal zoonosis ecology (H. Henttonen, H. Leirs & A. Rizzoli orgs.)
4A. Shrews, chromosomes and speciation (J. B. Searle, P. David Polly, J. Zima orgs.)
4B. Chromosomes and evolution (V. Volobouev & J. Britton-Davidian orgs.)
5. Morphometrics and evolution (S. Renaud & T. Cucchi orgs.)
6. Evolution of mammals on islands: generalities and exceptions (M. Masseti org.)
7. Mechanisms of speciation in mammals (G. Ganem & C. Smadja orgs.)
8. Miller and other European mammalogists contributions a century ago (B. Krystufek & E. Buzan orgs.)
9. Mammals and landscape (P. Giraudoux & A. Mortelliti orgs.)
10. Circum-Mediterranean mammals (M. Sarà & S. Aulagnier orgs.)
11. Aspects of biology, ecology and evolution of Laonastes aenigmamus (J. P. Hugot, A. Ribas & C. Feliu orgs.)
12. Phylogeography (J. Michaux org.)
13. Systematics and barcoding (G. Veron & M. Ruedi orgs.)
14. Mammals in Paris and other European urban areas (C. Denys org.)
15. Postglacial recolonisation patterns and mechanisms (A. Tresset & C. Callou, I. Horacek orgs.)
16. Introduced and invasive mammals in Europe: patterns and processes
      (P. Gaubert & P. Genovesi orgs.)
17. Movement Ecology (A. J. M. Hewison & R. Nathan orgs.)
18. Biodiversity erosion and conservation in Europe (G. Amori & J. M. Palmeirim orgs.)
19. Conservation and population genetics/genomics of ungulates (A. Frantz org.)
20. Macroevolution: patterns and process (S. Montuire & S. Peigné orgs.)
21. Mammalian population ecology (O. Huitu & J. Sundell orgs.)
22. General session (R. Hutterer, C. Denys & S. Aulagnier orgs.)

Invited presentations:

Each thematic session will start with an invited oral communication: 30 min talk plus 5 min questions.




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