EFP 2017

22-25 August 2017 - University of Strasbourg, France

Bandeau du colloque ONEMA 2015

EFP 2017 Primate Art Contest

The 7th European Federation for Primatology Meeting Organising Committee announces the EFP 2017 Primate Art Contest!

We invite you to participate to the Art Contest with one of your best primate drawings, paintings, sculptures. It can be a picture of your artwork if you can not bring it to the conference. Your artwork could be true to life, symbolic, abstract, black and white or coloured...
Feel free to use all your abilities and imagination for your creation!

Rules of the contest:

The EFP Staff will take care of numbering each artwork and set up the exhibition in the common areas of the Congress venue. Congress attendees will be able to view the selected 25 artworks throughout the meeting and vote for their preferred one. Authors of the three most voted artworks will be announced during the closing ceremony of the congress.

The first price will be a handmade jewelry designed specifically for EFP by a young jeweler, Benjamin Szewczuk.

Note that authors retain the rights to their drawings and after the closing ceremony they can get back them.

Best of luck to everybody!

Amandine Wanert (Chimpanzee – drawing):

Jean-Marie Helies (Tonkean Macaque - painting)