ISESSAH-InnovSur 2018

14-18 May 2018 - SupAgro Montpellier - France

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Wednesday 16 May

InnovSur 2018 - PROGRAM


Hall d’Honneur (Bât. 9)Registration and Welcome coffee


Amphi. 206 (Bât. 9)Official Welcome

(Officials from partner organisations and financial support)

Objectives of the forum

M. Peyre (Cirad, France) and T. Baldet (Cirad, France)


Amphi. 206 (Bât. 9)Keynote
Innovation and health surveillance: what can we learn from management science on innovation

G. Faure (Cirad, France)


Amphi. 206 (Bât. 9)SESSION 1 - Integrated surveillance

Chairs: F. Goutard (Cirad, Thailand) and T. Vergne (ENVT, France)


Keynote session 1
Integrated One Health surveillance and response systems in resource-poor countries
E. Schelling (STPH, Switzerland)


Selected oral presentations

  • S1-OC25 - Evaluation of integrated surveillance: sociological approach
    D. Nguyen Thi (Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Vietnam)
  • S1-OC26 - Factors Associated Animal Diseases and Abnormal Cases Reporting in Disease Surveillance by PODD Project’s Volunteer in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand
    S. Pattamakaew (PODD Project, Thailand)
  • S1-OC27 - Characterisation and evaluation of collaborations within a One Health surveillance system
    M. Bordier (Cirad, Vietnam)
  • S1-OC28 - One Health surveillance systems for antimicrobial resistance: An evaluation approach based on the Canadian experience
    C. Aenishaenslin (University of Montreal, Canada)
  • S1-OC29 - An integrated, participatory, risk based approach to control of human and livestock brucellosis in African farming systems
    C. McCrindle (University of Pretoria, South Africa)


Selected short oral presentations

  • S1-SO21 - Risk of Nipah virus emergence in Cambodia: Integrated research to inform integrated surveillance
    R. Duboz (Cirad, Institut Pasteur, Cambodge)
  • S1-SO22 - How can the level of integration be measured in a One Health surveillance system for antimicrobial resistance?
    C. Aenishaenslin (University of Montreal, Canada)
  • S1-SO23 - Developing an integrated surveillance system for zoonoses in western Kenya
    L. Falzon (University of Liverpool, UK)

Hall d’Honneur (Bât. 9)Coffee break - Visit of exhibition - Poster session

Group photo


Amphi. 206 (Bât. 9)SESSION 2 - Research and surveillance policies

Chairs: M. Peyre (Cirad, France) and N. Antoine-Moussiaux (University of Liège, Belgium)


Keynote session 2
Exploring drivers and constraints to evidence-based change in animal health surveillance systems

A. Lindberg (SVA, Sweden)


Selected oral presentations

  • S2-OC30 - Economics - Valuing health surveillance as an information system: interdisciplinary insights
    N. Antoine-Moussiaux (University of Liège, Belgium)
  • S2-OC31 - Bottom-up approach - How local socio-economic and cultural factors shape animal health surveillance and control programs
    M. Peyre (Cirad, France)
  • S2-OC32 - Participatory co-development - Improving neglected diseases’ management in a One health framework: a case study about parasitic zoonoses surveillance in Laos
    V. Putthana (Faculty of Agriculture - NUOL, Laos)
  • S2-OC33 - Harmonised decision-making - STOC free: An innovative framework to compare probability of freedom from disease in heterogeneous control programmes
    G. Van Schaik (GD Animal Health, The Netherlands)


Selected short oral presentations

  • S2-SO24 - Prioritization of wild bird species and location for avian influenza virus surveillance in Cuba
    P. Alfonso (National Center for Animal and Plant Health, Cuba)
  • S2-SO25 - Determining the financial impact of disease where diagnostic information is incomplete: losses from the clinically-diagnosed tropical Blackleg on large ruminant farmers in Laos
    S. Nampanya (Sydney School of Vet Science, Australia)

Espace Platanes (Bât. 9)Lunch

Hall d’Honneur (Bât. 9)Visit of exhibition - Poster session


Brainstorming sessions 1 & 2, needs and gaps in innovation related to :
Integrated surveillance / Research and surveillance policies


Hall d’Honneur (Bât. 9)Coffee break - Visit of exhibition - Poster session


Day 1 closure