ISESSAH-InnovSur 2018

14-18 May 2018 - SupAgro Montpellier - France

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Wednesday 16 May



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Objectives of the forum

M. Peyre and T. Baldet


Keynote - Innovation in health Surveillance : key concepts and tools



SESSION 1 - Integrated surveillance

Chairs: F. Goutard and T. Vergne


Keynote session 1
Esther Schelling, STPH


Selected oral presentations

  • Com 1.1 - Evaluation of integrated surveillance, sociological approach
    Nguyen Thi Dien, Vietnam
  • Com 1.2 - Factors Associated Animal Diseases and Abnormal Cases Reporting in Disease Surveillance by PODD Project’s Volunteer in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand
    S. Pattamakaew, Thailand
  • Com 1.3 - Characterisation and evaluation of collaborations within a One Health surveillance system
    M. Bordier, CIRAD, Vietnam
  • Com 1.4 - One Health surveillance systems for antimicrobial resistance: An evaluation approach based on the Canadian experience
    C. Aenishaenslin, Uni. Montreal, Canada
  • Com 1.5 - An integrated, participatory, risk based approach to control of human and livestock brucellosis in African farming systems
    C. McCrindle, South Africa


Selected short oral presentations

  • FT 1.1 - Risk of Nipah virus emergence in Cambodia: Integrated research to inform integrated surveillance
    R. Duboz, CIRAD-ASTRE, Institut Pasteur, Cambodge
  • FT 1.2 - How can the level of integration be measured in a One Health surveillance system for antimicrobial resistance?
    C. Aenishaenslin, Uni. Montreal, Canada
  • FT 1.3 - Developing an integrated surveillance system for zoonoses in western Kenya
    L. Falzon, Uni. Liverpool, UK

Coffee break - Visit of exhibition - Poster session


SESSION 2 - Research and surveillance policies

Chairs: M. Peyre, N. Antoine-Moussiaux


Keynote session 2 - Challenges in translational research in surveillance
Ann Lindberg, SVA, Sweden


Selected oral presentations

  • Com 2.1 Economics - Valuing health surveillance as an information system: interdisciplinary insights
    N. Antoine-Moussiaux, Ulg, Belgium
  • Com 2.2 Bottom-up approach - How local socio-economic and cultural factors shape animal health surveillance and control programs
    M. Peyre, CIRAD-ASTRE
  • Com 2.3 Participatory co-development - Improving neglected diseases’ management in a One health framework: a case study about parasitic zoonoses surveillance in Laos
    V.Putthana, Fac Nabong, Lao PDR
  • Com 2.4 Harmonised decision-making - STOC free: An innovative framework to compare probability of freedom from disease in heterogeneous control programmes
    G. van Schaik, GD, Netherlands


Selected short oral presentations

  • FT 2.1 - Prioritization of wild bird species and location for avian influenza virus surveillance in Cuba
    P. Alfonso, National Center for Animal and Plant Health, San Jose de las Lajas, Cuba
  • FT 2.2 - Use of available information at livestock markets for guiding interventions in the livestock trade value chain in central Cameroon
    P.Motta, EuFMD, Rome, Italy
  • FT 2.3 - Determining the financial impact of disease where diagnostic information is incomplete: losses from the clinically-diagnosed tropical Blackleg on large ruminant farmers in Laos
    S. Nampanya,Sydney School of Vet Sciences, Australia
  • FT 2.4 - Predicting drinking water contamination in rural Vietnam with Bayesian Belief Networks
    D. Hall

Lunch - Visit of exhibition - Poster session


Brainstorming sessions 1 & 2, needs and gaps in innovation related to :
Integrated surveillance / Research and surveillance policies


Coffee break - Visit of exhibition - Poster session


Feedback from brainstorming sessions 1 & 2