ISESSAH-InnovSur 2018

14-18 May 2018 - SupAgro Montpellier - France

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Sunday 13 May


Hall d’Honneur (Bât. 9)Welcome desk opening for registration

Monday 14 May



Hall d’Honneur (Bât. 9)Registration


Amphi. Lamour (Bât. 9)Opening ceremonie


Hall d’Honneur (Bât. 9)Press meeting


Amphi. Lamour (Bât. 9)SESSION 1 - The role played by animal health professionals

Chair: Didier Raboisson (ENVT-INRA, France)


Keynote 1
State of the US Veterinary Profession
Michael Dicks (American Veterinary Medical Association, USA)


Selected oral presentations

  • S1-OC1 - A field trial on the effect of veterinary peer study groups on the prescription of intramammary antimicrobials
    Valerie-Beau Pucken (Vetsuisse Faculty - University of Bern, Switzerland)
  • S1-OC2 - Brexit and the International Migration of Veterinary Surgeons to and from the UK
    Gareth Enticott (Cardiff University, UK)


Selected short oral presentations

  • S1-SO1 - How the income of French veterinarians is composed? An economic analysis
    Jean-Joseph Minviel (INRA-ENVT, France)
  • S1-SO2 - How do French veterinarians face the new antimicrobial resistance policy regarding the use of critically important antibiotics?
    Clémence Boireau (ANSES, France)
  • S1-SO3 - Vertical coordination and health control measures in the French young bull sector: a transaction cost analysis
    Florence Beaugrand (Oniris - Inra, France)
  • S1-SO4 - Role of upstream packers, processors, and retailers in producer biosecurity effort
    Glynn Tonsor (Kansas State University, USA)
  • S1-SO5 - The dilemma of controlling BVDV in Thuringia, Germany: Outcome of an agent based model
    Jörn Gethmann (Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Germany)

Hall d’Honneur (Bât. 9)Coffee break - Visit of exhibition - Poster session


Amphi. Lamour (Bât. 9)SESSION 2 - Sociology applied to animal health

Chair: Gareth Enticott (Cardiff University, UK)


keynote 2
Future challenges of the sociology of animal health. Examples from antimicrobials use in livestock production
Nicolas Fortané (Inra - IRISSO, France)


Selected oral presentations

  • S2-OC3 - Anthropological comparison of occupational practices, risk and biosecurity along the poultry commodity chains in Bangladesh and Vietnam
    Erling Høg (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK)
  • S2-OC4 - Animal health management on organic farm: influence of extension services and animal health professionals
    Claire Manoli (Goupe ESA, France)
  • S2-OC5 - An ethnography of medicine use on UK dairy farms
    Gwen Rees (University of Bristol, UK)

Espace Platanes (Bât. 9)Lunch

Hall d’Honneur (Bât. 9)Visit of exhibition - Poster session


Amphi. Lamour (Bât. 9)SESSION 3 - Decision making and ecology of animal diseases - Surveillance

Chair: Pablo Alarcon (Royal Veterinary College, UK)


Keynote 3
How much is nature worth? Challenges and controversies around the economic valuation of plant and animal life
Eric Gómez-Baggethun (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway)


Selected oral presentations

  • S3-OC6 - Effects of disease risk, information certainty, and messaging on biosecurity compliance on livestock facilities: evidence from experimental simulations
    Susan Moegenburg (University of Vermont, USA)
  • S3-OC7 - At the interface of Animal health and Environmental management, a case study driven by in Thailand
    Aurélie Binot (Cirad, France)
  • S3-OC8 - Avian influenza in Bangladesh: ethnography, behavioural economics and experimental behavioural epidemiology in One health – A proof of concept
    Tony Barnett (LSHTM, UK)
  • S3-OC9 - Selecting an optimal surveillance option during an outbreak: a comparison of Cost-effectiveness for highly pathogenic Avian influenza
    Kamina Johnson (USDA - APHIS, USA)
  • S3-OC10 - Unbiased assessment of disease surveillance utilities: a prospect theory application
    Victor J. del Rio Vilas (University of Surrey, UK)


Selected short oral presentations

  • S3-SO6 - Levers and barriers to the implementation of the One Health surveillance strategy for antibiotic resistance in Vietnam
    Marion Bordier (Cirad, Vietnam)
  • S3-SO7 - Economic evaluation of swine health surveillance and control system in Vietnam
    Marisa Peyre (Cirad, France)
  • S3-SO8 - One Health evaluation of the University of Copenhagen Research Centre for Control of Antibiotic Resistance (UC-CARE)
    Anaïs Léger (SAFOSO AG, Switzerland)
  • S3-SO9 - Economic evaluation of antimicrobial resistance surveillance system in Vietnam
    Dung Vu (OUCRU Hanoi, Vietnam)
  • S3-SO10 - How local socio-economic and cultural factors shape animal health surveillance and control programs
    Marisa Peyre (Cirad, France)

Hall d’Honneur (Bât. 9)Coffee break - Visit of exhibition - Poster session


Amphi. Lamour (Bât. 9)SESSION 4 - Governance and human behaviours

Chair: Arnaud Rault (INRA, France)


Selected oral presentations

  • S4-OC11 - Bio-economic modelling of antibiotic use and health management in dairy French production
    Ahmed Ferchiou (ENVT-INRA, France)
  • S4-OC12 - Interactive model-based tool for animal disease simulation and intervention strategies
    Gabriela Bucini (University of Vermont, USA)
  • S4-OC13 - A time series approach for measuring the indirect costs of animal disease outbreaks
    Alyson Barratt (SRUC, UK)
  • S4-OC14 - rom dairy farm to consumer: analysis of the impacts of policies mitigating antimicrobial use in dairy production
    Guillaume Lhermie (Cornell University, USA)
  • S4-OC15 - Decentralized zoonotic disease control by livestock producers: a game theoretic model applied to avian influenza in Southeast Asia
    Alexis Delabouglise (Pennsylvania State University, USA)


Selected short oral presentations

  • S4-SO11 - Cost-benefits analysis of pig feed Salmonella control programme in Finland
    Jarkko Niemi (Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Finland)
  • S4-SO12 - The value of information for livestock production: concept, analytical and methodological approaches and challenges
    Erwin Wauters (Flanders research institute for agriculture, fisheries and food, Belgium)
  • S4-SO13 - Big impacts, little science? A critical review of animal health impact assessments
    Camille Bellet (Institute of Infection and Global Health, United Kingdom)
  • S4-SO14 - Feedlot willingness to pay for disposal capacity to address foreign animal disease risk
    Dustin Pendell (Kansas State University, USA)
  • S4-SO15 - An economic model of the meat paradox
    Nicolas Treich (Inra, France)

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