SFM 2024

7-9 October 2024 - Lille Grand Palais - Lille - France

Bandeau - SFM 2024

Poster Awards

Reserved for SFM members under 35 years old.

Abstract submission instructions:

Three prizes will be given in order to reward, respectively, the scientific approach, the graphic design and the innovation of the works presented.

Any application concerning a poster that has been awarded in previous editions, or from a member of the Young Microbiologists section of the SFM (JM-SFM), will not be accepted.

Phase 1: Pre-selection based on the abstracts received

10 abstracts selected.
In case of pre-selection of the abstract for a prize, a PDF of the final poster must be provided at the latest on 8 September 2024 (no later changes will be taken into account).

Phase 2: 3 winners

A committee of 10 people from the JM-SFM section will assess the posters according to a standardized marking grid. The 3 winners will be announced during the dedicated session.

For further information or technical assistance, please contact: sfm@alphavisa.com