TEAM 2020

4-8 October 2020, Palais des Congrès, La Grande-Motte, France

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COVID-19 related info with respect to the 4th TEAM meeting 2020

Dear Colleagues,

As of today (April 20th, 2020) with over five months before the TEAM meeting, it is still impossible to give some certain predictions and projections what might be in few months from now. However, we hope that the epidemiological situation in the world could be under control then, with majority of usual everyday activities returning to, at least some satisfactory level. Including possibility of traveling and attending the TEAM meeting.

Naturally, we are all affected by this extraordinary situation, and therefore decided to extend important deadlines (for abstract submission and registration) for a few weeks. Please check the Conference web pages regularly for all the updates.

We are continuing with the preparations for the TEAM meeting and we are looking forward to our gathering this October. Please submit your abstracts before the extended abstract submission deadline, even though at that time level of uncertainty might still be present.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation, not only in France but also in other countries as well, and work on alternative options if needed.

Keep safe,

With best regards, on behalf of the Local Organising Committee

On behalf of our French Organising Committee and the TEAM Steering Committee, we cordially invite you to join us for the 4th International TEAM (Working Group on Tephritidae in Europe, Africa and the Middle East), meeting to be held from 4-8 October 2020, in La Grande-Motte, France.

The founding idea for TEAM was based on the strong interconnections (ecological, cultural and economic) that exist between the three regions, and the need to exchange information and knowledge on fruit flies that are common to these regions. Organizing a meeting every four years to bring together delegates has now become a tradition, with previous meetings that took place in Spain (2008), Greece (2012) and South Africa (2016).

As during these previous occasions, this TEAM symposium will provide opportunities for interaction between academia, researchers, extension and industry specialists, who will present their latest scientific results and deliberate on a number of pertinent issues on fruit fly biology, ecology and control. As last time no particular theme is selected for this symposium, but all relevant topics and major items will be addressed in specific sessions, in order to have a broad forum for all to present their recent findings. In addition to the topics relating to the “true” fruit flies, Tephritidae, attention and room for presentation of research results will also be given to the drosophilid fruit fly Drosophila suzukii. This because of the overlap and common interest with regard to damage in the fruit industry, pest control, invasion biology and the general importance of this invasive pest to the region. Not only will this event broaden the knowledge base of all concerned, but it will also enhance the synergies between the different institutions of the three regions and business sectors.

The venue takes place in the southern part of France, one of the main fruit production areas in the country. The site of the meeting, La Grande-Motte, is beautifully situated at the Mediterranean Coast and is characterized by a very particular architecture. We do hope that it will be a successful and memorable meeting for all of you who will join us here in “La douce France”.


Valérie Balmès
Organising Committee, TEAM 2020

Marc De Meyer
Scientific Committee, TEAM 2020


  • Taxonomy and systematics
  • Behaviour and Physiology
  • Chemosensory perception and reproduction
  • Biogeography, distribution and abundance
  • Invasion
  • Biological and conventionnal control
  • Traps and attractants
  • SIT : Sterile Insect Technique
  • IPM : Integrated Pest Management
  • Surveillance and response

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Abstract submission


Early bird registration:
1 July 2020

Deadline for abstract submission:
1 July 2020


Organising Committee

ANSES-LSV “Entomology and invasive plants unit”:
• Valérie Balmès, Chairperson
• Raphaëlle Mouttet

CIRAD Réunion - UMR “Peuplements Végétaux et Bio-agresseurs en Milieu Tropical”:
• Hélène Delatte

CIRAD UMR CBGP département BIOS:
• Bruno Michel

INRA-CBGP - Fruit-Fly Evolution and Community Ecology (FFECE):
• Simon Fellous

French Ministry of Agriculture, National expert for tropical crops - invasive alien species:
• Pierre Ehret

Royal Museum for Central Africa, Belgium:
• Marc De Meyer

Scientific Committee

• Marc De Meyer, Belgium
• Zinette Moussa, Lebanon
• Helene Delatte, France
• Yoav Gazit, Isreal
• Aruna Manrakhan, South Africa
• Maulid Mwatawala, Tanzania
• Antonis Augustinos, Greece
• Vicente Navarro Llopis, Spain
• Francesca Scolari, Italy
• Antonio Sinzogan, Benin

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