VCM 2020

Thursday 16th & Friday 17th January 2020 - Institut Pasteur - Lille - France

Bandeau - VCM 2020

Thursday 16 January


Welcome address

  • Béhazine Combadière (Inserm, CIMI Paris, FR)

Opening lecture

  • History of pertussis vaccine: from basic to clinic
      Camille Locht (Institut Pasteur, Lille, FR)

SESSION 1 - Basic vaccinology

Chairs: Anne Hosmalin and Jean-Claude Sirard

  • Skin immunisation orchestrates protective immune connectivity
      Linda Klavinskis (King's College London, UK)
  • Better Epitope Discovery, Precision Immune Engineering and Accelerated Vaccine Design by Immunoinformatics
      Anne De Groot (EpiVax, USA)


Coffee break and Posters

  • Induction of neutralizing HIV antibodies by native-like SOSIP trimers
      Rogier Sanders (AMC, Netherlands)
  • Overview on a nanoparticulate vaccine against Toxoplasma gondii infection
      Didier Betbeder (Vaxinano, Lille, FR)

Selected short oral presentations

  • Gp41 W614A-3S peptide-conjugated vaccine formulated in squalene emulsion promotes broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV-1
    Chloé Chaudesaigues (Inserm, Paris, FR)
  • The GM-CSF released by airway epithelial cells orchestrates the mucosal adjuvant activity of flagellin
    Jean-Claude Sirard (Institut Pasteur, Lille, FR)
  • Induction of tumor-specific CD8+ T cell responses through nanoparticle-mediated delivery of tumor self Ag and alpha-GalCer to cross priming dendritic cells
    François Trottein (Institut Pasteur, Lille, FR)
  • MOPEVAC, a pan-arenavirus vaccine platform that protects cynomolgus monkeys against Lassa and Machupo viruses after a single shot
    Sylvain Baize (Institut Pasteur, Lyon, FR)
  • Cross-protection efficacy of a recombinant vaccine against Lassa fever
    Mathieu Mateo (Institut Pasteur, Lyon, FR)

Lunch and Posters

SESSION 2 - Systems vaccinology

Chairs: Claude Leclerc and Nathalie Garçon

  • Microbiota and rotavirus vaccination
    Vanessa Harris (AIGHD, Netherlands)
  • Application of adjuvant for vaccine and immunotherapy; machine learning versus classical immunology
      Ken Ishii (University of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Learnings from translational research in understanding the role of adjuvants in vaccine
      Arnaud Didierlaurent (GSK, Belgium)


Coffee break and Posters

  • Dissecting immune responses in veterinary species using systems immunology approaches
    Artur Summerfield (University of Bern, Switzerland)

Selected short oral presentations

  • OVX836, A novel universal influenza A vaccine candidate: short-term results of a phase I clinical trial in humans
    Florence Nicolas (Osivax, Lyon, FR)
  • Analyzing cellular immunogenicity in vaccine trials: a new statistical method including non-specific responses for accurate estimation of vaccine effects
    Edouard Lhomme (Inserm U1219 Bordeaux Population Health, Bordeaux, FR)
  • Identification of biomarkers by Machine Learning from cytometry data
    Julien Nourikyan (AltraBio SAS, Lyon, FR)
  • A CyaA recombinant vaccine induces a specific Th-1 immune response and protects dogs against severe Bordetella bronchiseptica infection
    Severine Boullier (National veterinary school of Toulouse, Toulouse, FR)
  • Swine influenza A virus infection inhibits PRRS MLV replication in piglets but does not interfere with vaccine protection
    Patricia Renson (Anses, Ploufragan, FR)

Posters & Evening reception