ERTS 2013

23-25 October 2013 - Centre des Congrès de Reims, France

Wednesday 23 October


Welcome of participants


ETRS Board meeting


ETRS 2013 - Meeting Opening


SESSION 1: Young investigators’ session / Awards

Chairmen: M. Ulrich (The Netherlands) & A. Desmoulière (France)

  • Effects of varying thickness and of sub-atmospheric pressure dressing on early integration of collagen-gag scaffolds. Luca Lancerotto (Italy)
  • Sustainable fat grafting. Optimizing fat grafting in an in vivo tissue engineering chamber model. Heidi Debels (Brussels)
  • The preventive potential of stromal cell-derived factor 1 (SDF-1) analog (CTCE-9908) for hypertrophic scarring. Jie Ding (Canada)
  • Prevention of hypertrophic scar formation using small molecules.
    Malihe-Sadat Poormasjedi-Meibod (Canada)
  • Alterations in early wound healing processes in hypertrophic scar formation. Liselotte Butzelaar (The Netherlands)
  • Development of an innovative dressing based on a new matrix gel technology. Sébastien Giraudier (France)
  • Wharton’s jelly derived mesenchymal stem cells could play a role in the control of bacterial colonization on bone scaffolds. Jérôme Josse (France)
  • Is non-invasive optical coherence tomography a reliable alternative to invasive histological assessment of acute wound healing in human skin?
    Nicholas Greaves (UK)
  • In-vitro and ex-vivo studies show electrical stimulation accelerates human cutaneous wound healing: gene and protein analysis for the first time shows role of Siva1-p53-Mdm2 feedback loop in regulation of proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis during electrical stimulation. Anil Sebastian (UK)

Lunch break


Healthpoint Industrial forum n° 1: What does the future hold for celllar therapies in Europe and US?

Chairmen: V. Ronfard & K. Grover (USA)

Speakers: Paul Kemp (UK), Hilde Beele (Belgium),
Sabine Eming (Germany) and Jean-Jacques Lataillade (France)


Visit of exhibition + Posters


SESSION 2: Scar and reconsctructive surgery (associated with SFFPC)

Chairmen: L. Téot (France) & B. Hinz (Canada)

  • Changes in molecular and morphological characteristics associated with wound contraction and closure in diabetic mice - a systems biology approach. Paul Liu (USA)
  • Interdisciplinary challenges in microsurgical reconstruction of large and complex wounds. Raymund Horch (Germany)
  • Integrative systems biology analysis of tissue injury and repair.
    Bob Diegelmann (USA)

Selected short oral presentations

  • Characterisation of post-ovulatory wound repair. Tanya Shaw (UK)
  • Hair follicle unit transplantation for chronic wound coverage.
    John C. Lantis (USA)
  • Erythropoietin as treatment for wound healing among persons with diabetes mellitus: a novel repurposing initiative. Hamed Saher (Israel)

Macopharma Industrial forum n° 2: Expansion of mesenchymal stromal cells in a closed system using platelet lysate and cellstacks for clinical applications

Chairman: I. Slaper-Cortenbach (The Netherlands)


Coffee break - Visit of exhibition + Posters


SESSION 3: Cardio-vascular repair

Chairmen: G. Uzan & B. Coulomb (France)

  • Epicardium-driven differentiation of human embryonic stem cell derived cardiac progenitors seeded in a 3D collagen patch. Michel Puceat (France)
  • Endothelial heterogeneity and its impact on vascular disease and repair. Aernout Lunttun (Belgium)

Selected short oral presentations

  • Reducing flightless I protein improves healing in a murine model of type 1 diabetes through increased angiogenesis. Allison Cowin (Australia)
  • Polyelectrolyte scaffolds for cardiac mesenchymal stem cell therapy.
    Raya Bushkalova (France) - YIA*
  • Mesenchymal stem cells as a promising source for endothelial cells in vascular tissue engineering. Hassan Rammal (France) - YIA*
  • First identification of resident and circulating fibrocytes in dupuytren’s disease are shown to be inhibited by xiapex and serum amyloid P - implications for future diagnosis and therapy. Syed Amir Iqbal (UK) - YIA*
  • In vivo hypobaric hypoxia enhances bone healing in mice by stimulating mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem/progenitor cell mobilization.
    Marjorie Durand (France) - YIA*

Welcome reception - Palais Du Tau

* YIA: Young Investigators Award