ERTS 2013

23-25 October 2013 - Centre des Congrès de Reims, France

Thursday 24 October


SESSION 4: Matrix and biofilm (associated with SFBMEc)

Chairmen: V. Larreta-Garde (France) & M. Agren (Denmark)

  • Extracellular matrix in tissue repair. François-Xavier Maquart (France)
  • Collagen VII in physiological and pathological wound healing.
    Alexander Nyström (Germany)
  • Extracellular polymeric substance (EPS): the foundations of biofilm survival. David William (UK)

Selected short oral presentations

  • IL-10 recapitulates fetal regenerative phenotype in postnatal wounds by a STAT3-HA mediated effect on extracellular matrix.
    Alice King (USA) - WHS YIA* winner
  • Indiscriminate inhibition of matrix metalloproteinases and tumour necrosis-αLPHA converting enzyme impairs anastomotic healing in experimentally obstructed colon via delayed epithelialisation. Magnus Ågren (Denmark)
  • Impact of mannose-binding lectin on susceptibility to bacterial colonization in burnwound patients. Bouke Boekema (The Netherlands)

SESSION 5: Burns (associated with SFETB)

Chairmen: P. Duhamel (France) & T. Rose (Belgium)

  • Adipose stem cell therapy in regenerative medicine. Research and clinical application. Ester Middelkoop (The Netherlands)
  • Systemic sclerosis: hands-cell therapy. Guy Magalon (France)

Selected short oral presentations

  • CCN2 mediates communication between epidermal and dermal niches in the hair follicle. Andrew Leask (Canada)
  • Proliferating fibroblast releasable factor (PFRF) trans-differentiate a subset of immune cells into mesynchemal stem. Aziz Ghahary (Canada)
  • Evaluation of cultured epithelial autografts for massive burn treatment.
    Maïa Alexaline (France) - YIA*
  • Cultured autologous keratinocytes in combination with a split skin autograft for burn wound treatment: preliminary results of a prospective randomized controlled multicenter study. Kim Gardien (The Netherlands) - YIA*

Coffee break - Visit of exhibition + Posters


Laboratoires Brothier Industrial forum n° 3: Hemostasis and tissue repair: from fundamental research to clinical evidence

Chairman: P. Humbert (France)

Introduction. Philippe Humbert (France)
  • HEMO-IONIC®: a new hemostatic agent for surgery use proves its efficacy on platelet function. Jean-Jacques Lataillade (France)
  • Randomized controlled trial on pelvic hemostasis with HEMO-IONIC® following rectal cancer surgery. Yves Panis (France)
Wound healing
  • Effects of ALGOSTERIL®/ALGODERM® on human fibroblast cultures.
    Carole Courderot-Masuyer (France)
  • ALGOSTERIL®/ALGODERM®: clinical evidence in tissue repair.
    Marina Samardzic (France)
Panel discussion
Conclusion. Philippe Humbert (France)

Visit of exhibition + Posters


Lunch break


Medicen Industrial forum n° 4: From cell therapy to organ preservation

Speakers: Pierre-Noël Lirsac and Marc Lemaire (France)


Terumo BCT Industrial forum n° 5: Cell therapy manufacturing:
pre-clinical, clinical and commercial scale

Chairman: B. Brice (USA)


SESSION 6: Biomaterial (associated with BIOMAT)

Chairmen: D. Letourneur (France) & H. Von den Hoff (The Netherlands)

  • Cell communication for bone tissue regeneration. Joëlle Amédée Vilamitjana (France)
  • High-throughput screening of stem cell microenvironments.
    Mattias Lutolf (Germany)

Selected short oral presentations

  • Collagen-based microspheres for vectorisation and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells: a potential strategy for cartilage engineering.
    Marc Mathieu (France)
  • Chitosan/Hydroxyapatite hybrid matrices for bone regeneration.
    Valérie Brun (France)
  • Perfusion bioreactor for engineering bone constructs: bone regeneration in sheep using coral scaffold and autologous mesenchymal stem cells.
    Morad Bensidhoum (France)
  • Highlighting the importance of direct and indirect role of transplanted mesenchymal stromal cells for optimal bone tissue regeneration.
    Julie Léotot (France) - YIA*
  • Differential regulation of cytokine and growth factor profiles involved in cell integration of collagen and fibrin based scaffolds in vitro.
    Sorousheh Samizadeh (UK) - YIA*

SESSION 7: EWMA guest session

Chairman: G. Jukema (Switzerland)

  • Infection in pressure ulcer: update in current treatment.
    Roland de Roche (Switzerland)
  • Infection in vascular surgery: how to treat? Eskild Henneberg (Denmark)
  • Infection in trauma surgery: unconventional treatment to improve patient’s outcome. Gerrolt N. Jukema (Switzerland)

Selected short oral presentations

  • Histological outcomes of CARTIPATCH® phase III clinical trial: Autologous chondrocytes implantation versus Mosaicplasty for cartilage repair.
    Laurence Barnouin (France)
  • Itch in grafted areas: patient characteristics, influencing factors and therapy. Ester Kuipers (The Netherlands)
  • Determining protein biomarkers of chronic wound healing outcomes in the wound fluid of chronic ulceration wounds using SELDI-TOF mass spectrometry. Daniel Broszczak (Australia)

Coffee break - Visit of exhibition + Posters


SESSION 8: Charles Lapière Memorial Lecture

Chairman: FX. Maquart (France)

  • Dynamics and consequences of the inflammatory response in tissue repair and regeneration. Sabine Eming (Germany)

ETRS General Assembly


Young Investigators Assembly Meeting


Gala dinner in a Champagne Cellar

* YIA: Young Investigators Award