ERTS 2013

23-25 October 2013 - Centre des Congrès de Reims, France

Friday 25 October


SESSION 9: Stem Cell Niche & Rejuvenation

Chairmen: D. Kletsas (Greece) & JJ. Lataillade (France)

  • Exploring strategies for cell rejuvenation and tissues regeneration.
    Jean-Marc Lemaître (France)
  • Senescence of somatic and stem cells: possible implications in tissue homeostasis and cell replacement therapies. Dimitris Kletsas (Greece)
  • Engineering of mesenchymal stromal/stem niches.
    Arnaud Scherberich (Switzerland)

Selected short oral presentations

  • Pulling the trigger on chronic wounds - Adaptive response of mesenchymal stem cells rescues impaired healing in LAD1 mice.
    Dongsheng Jiang (Germany)
  • A preclinical model to study the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
    Johan van Neck (The Netherlands)
  • Non-destructive imaging of stem cells and their differentiated progeny.
    Phil Stephen (UK)

Coffee break - Visit of exhibition + Posters


SESSION 10: Cell and Tissue Engineering (associated with SFBCT)

Chairmen: B. Pignon (France) & T. Shaw (United Kingdom)

  • Red blood cell from stem cells in vitro: perspectives for transfusion medicine. Luc Douay (France)
  • Exploring gingival fibroblasts for tissue repair and remodeling.
    Bernard Coulomb (France)

Selected short oral presentations

  • Immunogenicity and osteogenic potential of human amniotic membrane: in vitro and in vivo studies. Florelle Gindraux (France)
  • Muscle regeneration in the soft palate of rats.
    Johannes Von den Hoff (The Netherlands)
  • Adipose mesenchymal stromal cells protect chondrocytes from degeneration associated with osteoarthriti. Marie Maumus (France) - YIA*
  • Effects of the incorporation of mesenchymal stem cells and fibroblasts into a flowable gel matrix substitute in an ex vivo cutaneous wound healing model. Tom Hodgkinson (UK) - YIA*
  • Bioengineering simultaneously bone and bone marrow tissue with a calcium carbonate scaffold and human mesenchymal stem cells.
    Martina Sladkova (France) - YIA*

Awards & Closing Ceremony



* YIA: Young Investigators Award