SFI-AFC 2017

7 to 9 November 2017 - Centre des Congrès, Reims, France

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Tuesday 7 November


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Welcome introduction

Amphithéâtre Salle Royale (level 2)

Hans Yssel and Lydia Campos

Plenary Session


Cytokines and immune regulation

Amphithéâtre Salle Royale (level 2)

Chairs: Hans Yssel (Paris) and Frank Antonicelli (Reims)

  • Jean-Philippe Girard (Toulouse): Interleukin-33 in health and disease
  • Cem Gabay (Switzerland): The role of the IL-1 cytokine family members IL-36 and IL-18 in inflammatory responses
  • David Artis (United States): Immune regulation at barrier surfaces


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Parallel Sessions


Host-Pathogen interaction

Amphithéâtre Salle Royale (level 2)

Chairs: Olivier Neyrolles (Toulouse) and François Trottein (Lille)

  • Luis Quintana-Murci (Paris): The genetic and evolutionary determinants of population variation in immune response regulation
  • Andrea Cooper (United Kingdom): Manipulating immunity - learning lessons from mycobacterium tuberculosis

Selected short oral presentations

  • Stéphane Isnard (Paris): HIV-1 and HIV-2 induce Interferon-λ production by Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells
  • Jérôme Estaquier (Paris): Exhausted CD8 T cells during visceral leishmaniasis in rhesus macaques
  • Étienne Meunier (Toulouse): Localization of Pseudomonas dictates divergent NAIP5-NLRC4 inflammasome- induced host responses

Transplantation (SFI-SFHI)

Salle 1-2 (level 2)

Chairs: Jean-Luc Taupin (Paris) and Myriam Labalette (Lille)

  • Walter Reith (Switzerland): Expression, function and mechanism of action of BTN2A2, a new costimulatory molecule coregulated with MHC class II expression
  • Nicolas Degauque (Nantes): Molecular basis of T lymphocyte alloreactivity

Selected short oral presentations

  • Vincent Guichard (Paris): Calcium-mediated shaping of naive CD4 T cell phenotype and function
  • Aurélie Sannier (Paris): Thymic function is a major determinant of antibody-mediated alloimmune rejection onset in heart transplantation
  • Eros Marin (Nantes): Human tolerogenic dendritic cells regulate immune response through lactate synthesis and regulatory T cell induction

Stem cells

Salle 3-4 (level 2)

Chairs: Lydia Campos (Saint-Étienne) and Claudine Schiff (Marseille)

  • Gerrit Schuurhuis (The Netherlands): The role of stem cells in measurable residual disease (MRD) detection in acute myeloid leukemia
  • Dominique Bonnet (United Kingdom): Heterogeneity of the human haematopoietic stem cell compartment

Selected short oral presentations

  • Léa Aubert (Reims): Haemostatic medical device mimicking stem cells niche for cell therapy
  • Tiphanie Picot (Saint-Étienne): Embryonic Stem Cells Antigens (ESCA) expression in acute myeloid leukemia cells

Plateforme Cytométrie

Amphithéâtre Salle Clovis (level 2)

Modératrices : Sandra Audonnet (Reims) et Muriel Andrieu (Paris)

  • Philippe Poncelet (Marseille) : Détection, caractérisation et comptage des particules sub-microniques en cytométrie : progrès récents et questions d’actualité
  • Benoit Vingert (Paris) : Étude des caractéristiques phénotypiques et fonctionnelles des microparticules sanguines

Communications orales courtes sélectionnées

  • Anne-Laure Iscache (Toulouse) : Développement d’une base de panels d’anticorps optimisés pour la cytométrie à partir des OMIPs publiés
  • Pierre Grenot (Marseille) : Évaluation des caractéristiques techniques et applications multi-couleurs à haut contenu d’information sur un nouvel analyseurs 6-Lasers, 21-Couleurs : le CytoFLEX LX
  • Thierry Idziorek (Lille) : Cytométrie spectrale & Drug screening : étude pharmacologique du récepteur P2X7


Espace Le Millésime (level 1)Lunch

Grande Nef (level 1)Coffee - Visit of exhibition - Poster session


Neutrophil Club

Salle 1-2 (level 2)

Chairs: Véronique Witko-Sarsat (Paris) and Marco Cassatella (Italy)Logo Neutrophil Club

  • Tobias Dallenga (Germany): nhibition of neutrophil necrosis controls Mycobacterium tuberculosis growth after removal by macrophages
  • Coraline Radermecker (Belgium): Release of Neutrophils Extracellular Traps as a main trigger for asthma onset
  • Loic Rolas (United Kingdom): Aged Vasculature Supports Enhanced and Aberrant Neutrophil-Vessel Wall Interactions in vivo
  • Sokchea Khou (Valbonne): Tumor-associated neutrophils during the course of cutaneous carcinogenesis
  • Sarra Seninet (Bobigny): Neutrophil extracellular traps are both pro-and anti-inflammatory via mechanisms involving the C1q complement protein and the LL-37 anti-microbial peptide
  • Giuseppina Caligiuri (Paris): The ITIM receptor CD31 plays a dual and critical role in neutrophil transmigration
  • Diego Gómez (Spain): Identification of PSGL-1-driven signals that control intravascular neutrophil behavior and drive vascular injury
  • Pacôme Lecot (Lyon): Toward a novel classification of pro-tumor neutrophils based on density, maturity and lipid metabolism –associated genes


ASSIM General Assembly

Salle 3-4 (level 2)


Industry Symposium

Amphithéâtre Salle Royale (level 2)

Chairs: Julie Cazareth (Valbonne) and Ivana Haluskova Balter (Lyon)

  • Ex Vivo Assessment of Immune Cell Function. New Tools, Applications and PerspectivesLogo BECKMAN COULTER
    Miloud Tewfik - Beckman Coulter (France)
  • Cell Counting and Image Cytometry Logo Chemometec
    Pierre-Oliver de Franco - ChemoMetec (Denmark)
  • Multicolor analysis on the ZE-5 Cell AnalyzerLogo Bio-Rad
    Laurence Talbot - Bio-Rad (France)
  • Commited to Enabling Superior Multicolor Flow Cytometry for Enhanced Logo Biolegende
    Complex Immunophenotyping
    Carsten Wiethe - BioLegend (UK)
  • Analyse et tri de grandes particulesLogo Union Biometrica
    Rico Bongaarts - Union Biometrica (USA)

  • Preparing for the new age of immunotherapy; Use of Plasma Cell,
    VS38c at diagnosis, MRD and for patients undergoing Logo DakoLogo Agilent Technologies
    Daratumumab treatment for Multiple Myeloma (MM)
    Jesper Kühnau (Denmark) - Agilent Technologies France - Dako
  • IncuCyte® technology : Time-lapse Imaging around the clockLogo Essen Bioscience
    Jean-Baptiste Penigault - Essen Bioscience (UK)
  • Single cell transcriptomics and single cell full-length sequencing of pairedLogo 10xgenomics
    expressed V(D)J. From 100s to millions of cells
    Mickael Ploquin - 10x Genomics (USA)
  • Specific antibodies : the best way to obtain itLogo Proteogenix
    Philippe Sommer - ProteoGenix (France)
  • Cell separation and flow cytometry analysis StraightFrom™ blood!Logo miltenyi
    Shahul Mouhamad, Nicolas Dumoitier - Miltenyi Biotec (France)

Plenary Sessions



Amphithéâtre Salle Royale (level 2)

Chairs: Mauro Perretti (United Kingdom) and Jamel el Benna (Paris)

  • Mauro Perretti (United Kingdom): Resolution pharmacology - Harnessing endogenous pathways to terminate inflammation and promote tissue repair
  • Mia Phillipson (Sweden): Neutrophils and angiogenesis
  • Leo Koenderman (The Netherlands): How neutrophils shape adaptive immune responses

Prix Jeunes Cytométristes

Amphithéâtre Salle Clovis (level 2)

Modérateurs : Marielle Bouix (Thiverval-Grignon) et Bouchaib Lamkhioued (Reims)

  • Morgane Gossez (Lyon) : Les lymphocytes B inhibent la prolifération lymphocytaire T et sur-expriment les checkpoints inhibiteurs PD-1 et PD-L1 au cours du choc septique
  • Élise Bordet (Jouy-en-Josas) : Identification des macrophages et lymphocytes B du ganglion de porc et interaction avec le virus SDRPv
  • Aurélien Corneau (Paris) : Caractérisation en cytométrie en masse multiparamétrique des lymphocytes T CD4 ex-vivo producteurs de VIH pendant la rechute du virus après une immunisation thérapeutique
  • Théo Loustaud (Marseille) : Multiplexage et analyse semi-supervisée pour la titration massive de réactifs de cytométrie en flux


Grande Nef (level 1)Coffee break - Visit of exhibition - Poster session

Parallel Sessions


Myeloid cells

Amphithéâtre Salle Royale (level 2)

Chairs: Sylvie Chollet-Martin (Paris) and Régis Josien (Nantes)

  • Michael Sieweke (Marseille): Self renewal mechanisms of differentiated macrophages
  • Patrizia Scapini (Italy): Neutrophils in the saga of myeloid cells plasticity

Selected short oral presentations

  • Alexandre Boissonnas (Paris): Regulation and function of monocyte margination in inflammation
  • Orianne Wagner-Ballon (Créteil): Accumulation of classical monocytes defines a subgroup of MDS that frequently evolve into CMML
  • Sandrine Delbosc (Paris): Porphyromonas gingivalis impacts on macrophages phenotype transition through a gingipaïn-dependent mechanism

Anti-viral immunity and therapy

Salle 1-2 (level 2)

Chairs: Delphine Sauce (Paris) and Jean-Daniel Lelièvre (Paris)

  • René Van Lier (The Netherlands): Growing up with (herpes) viruses
  • Dirk Busch (Germany): Adoptive T cell therapy of infections upon allogeneic stem cell transplantation

Selected short oral presentations

  • Mireia Pelegrin (Montpellier): Key immunomodulatory role of neutrophils in the induction of protective immunity by antiviral monoclonal antibodies
  • Raphaël Jeger-Madiot (Paris): T follicular helper cells differentiation during HIV infection
  • Laurence Weiss (Paris): Preservation of IL-17 producing γδ T cells and their role in the control of immune activation in HIV controllers

T Lymphocytes

Amphithéâtre Salle Clovis (level 2)

Chairs: Muriel Andrieu (Paris) and Julie Déchanet-Merville (Bordeaux)

  • Alexander Scheffold (Germany): The response of human regulatory T cells to environmental antigens
  • Marie Malissen (Marseille): Interactomics and structure-function analysis of the RLTPR protein underpin its essential role for costimulation via CD28 in mouse and human T cells

Selected short oral presentations

  • Bruno Martin (Paris): Macrophages induce long-term trapping of γδ T cells with innate-like properties within secondary lymphoid organs in the steady state
  • Étienne Humblin (Dijon): IRF8-dependent molecular complexes control the Th9 transcriptional program
  • François Santinon (Bobigny): TNFR2+ regulatory T cells subpopulations are highly suppressive and are increased on anti-TNF treatment in rheaumtoid arthrtis patients

Maladie résiduelle leucémique

Salle 3-4 (level 2)

Modérateurs : Bernard Châtelain (Yvoir, Belgique) et Michel Ticchioni (Nice)

  • Marie-Christine Béné (Nantes) : Maladie résiduelle : quand, comment, pourquoi ?
  • Vahid Asnafi (Paris) : Évaluation de la MRD par CMF dans les LAL
  • Adriana Plesa (Pierre-Bénite) et Christophe Roumier (Lille) : Suivi de la MRD des essais de l’intergroupe français de LAM en cytométrie en flux multiparamétrique : intérêt d’une double approche LAIP et LSC, aspect méthodologique de la mise en place d’un suivi multicentrique

Communications orales courtes sélectionnées

  • Tiphanie Picot (Saint-Priest-en-Jarez) : Expression des antigènes embryonnaires dans les cellules du compartiment CD34+CD38- leucémique : utilité pour le suivi de la maladie résiduelle
  • Malika El Ouaaliti (Belgium) : Contribution de la cytométrie en flux dans le diagnostic du syndrome myélodysplasique : sensibilité et spécificité des anomalies immuno-phénotypiques observées sur les cellules hématopoïétiques des patients
  • Marie Loosveld (Marseille) : Détection de la maladie résiduelle dans les LAL-B par l’utilisation d’un tube “Duraclone”
  • Isabelle Arnoux (Marseille) : Mesure de la ploïdie des LALB : un test rapide- Cell Cycle Kit


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