SFI 2019

12 to 14 November 2019 - Nantes events Center, Nantes, France

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Tuesday 12 November


Mezzanine (Level 2)Meeting registration


Auditorium 450 (Level 2)Welcome introduction

Renato Monteiro, President of the SFI


Logo nextAttracting high potential scientific talents to Nantes
Jean-Baptiste Avrillier, Operational Director of The NExT initiative

Plenary Session


Auditorium 450 (Level 2)Immunoregulation

Chairs: Ignacio Anegon (Nantes, France) and Aurélie Moreau (Nantes, France) Logo labex IGO

  • Simon Fillatreau (Paris, France): Antibody-independent functions of B cells and plasma cells through cytokine production
  • Anne Müller (Zurich, Switzerland): Host and pathogen determinants of chronic bacterial infection
  • Derk Amsen (Amsterdam, The Netherlands): Probing regulatory T cell identity by shotgun mass spectrometry


Mezzanine & Espace R2 (Level 2)Coffee break - Visit of exhibition & Posters

Parallel Sessions


Auditorium 450 (Level 2)Innate control of inflammation

Chairs: Sophie Laffont (Toulouse, France) and Julie Tabiasco (Toulouse, France)

Selected short oral presentations

  • Alice Lepelley (Paris, France): Loss-of-function of COPA highlights the importance of the STING ER-Golgi axis in type I interferon signalling
  • Edouard Leveque (Toulouse, France): Eicosanoids: a new step in deciphering mast cells/CD4+ T cells Crosstalk
  • Nikaïa Smith (Paris, France): Control of TLR7-mediated type I IFN signaling in pDCs through CXCR4 engagement - A new target for lupus treatment


Salle I (Level 2)Session DGFI (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Immunologie)

Chairs: Michael Lohoff (Marburg, Germany) and Luciana Berod (Hanovre, Germany)

  • Dirk Brenner (Luxembourg, Luxembourg): cROSsing the line: Controlling T cell metabolism
  • Birgit Sawitzki (Berlin, Germany): Checkpoint receptors in CD4+ helper T cell differentiation
  • Dietmar Zehn (Freising/Munich, Germany): InTOXication causes T-cell exhaustion in chronic infection


Salle 200 (Level 2)Single-cell analysis and handling Big Data

Chairs: Vassili Soumelis (Paris, France) and Mickaël Ploquin (Pleasanton, CA, USA) Logo 10xgenomics

  • Pierre Milpied (Marseille, France): Single-cell analyses of differentiation and plasticity in normal and malignant B cells
  • Andrei Zinovyev (Paris, France): Advances and challenges of the single-cell data analysis

Selected short oral presentations

  • Etienne Becht (Seattle, WA, USA): Infinity Flow: Comprehensive Single-Cell Protein Profiling via Massively Parallel Flow Cytometry and Machine Learning
  • Thomas Laurent (Nantes, France): Longitudinal analysis of immune cells in kidney transplantation rejection by single-cell RNA-seq
  • Céline Sérazin (Nantes, France): Single cell transcriptomic analysis for a better understanding of human CD8+ regulatory T cells


Salle G-H (Level 2)Transplantation

Chairs: Gilles Blancho (Nantes, France) and Sophie Brouard (Nantes, France)

  • Olivier Thaunat (Lyon, France): Immunopathology of chronic rejection: is it all antibody-mediated?
  • Benjamin Stewart (Cambridge, UK): Tissue immunity - implications for transplantation

Selected short oral presentations

  • Séverine Bézie (Nantes, France): Human CD8+ Treg expressing a MHC-specific chimeric antigen receptor display-enhanced suppression of human skin rejection and GVHD in NSG mice
  • Florian Dubois (Nantes, France): Identification of a common transcriptional pattern for regulatory B cells through meta-analysis
  • Gabriel Marsères (Bordeaux, France): γδ T cell-based immunotherapy against CMV infection after transplantation: a preclinical study


Espace R0 (Level 0)Lunch

Mezzanine & Espace R2 (Level 2)Coffee - Visit of exhibition & Posters

Parallel Sessions


Salle 200 (Level 2)ASSIM General Assembly


Auditorium 450 (Level 2)Industry Symposium

Chairs: Véronique Witko-Sarsat (Paris, France) and Abdelhadi Saoudi (Toulouse, France)

  • 14:15-14:19  Logo BerkeleyBerkeley Lights
    Berkeley Lights Inc’s Optofluidic Platforms: Linking Genotype to Phenotype at the
    Single Cell Level And More
    Jean-Baptiste Pénigault
  • 14:19-14:27  Logo Cell-Signaling-TechnologyCell Signaling Technology
    Achieving Reproducible Science: Don’t Let Antibodies be a Variable in Your Experiment
    Federica Cioffi
  • 14:27-14:35  Logo StemcelStemcell Technologies
    Tools & Reagents For Your Immunology Research
    Graeme Milton
  • 14:35-14:43  Logo Bd BiosciencesBD Biosciences
    How to resolve heterogeneity: the BD Multi-Omics Solution
    Rodriguez Werner
  • 14:43-14:51  Logo FluidigmFluidigm
    High-Dimensional Immune Monitoring, Simplified
    Easily quantify 37 immune subsets from PBMC and whole blood using mass cytometry
    Emilie Gregori
  • 14:51-14:59  Logo Beckman CoulterBeckman Coulter
    New Tools for advanced cellular analysis by flow cytometry
    Fabrice Malergue
  • 14:59-15:07  Logo 10xgenomics10x Genomics
    Immunology at single cell resolution: Antigen Specificity, Immune Repertoire, and Cellular Phenotype Using Single Cell Transcriptomics
    Christophe Fleury
  • 15:07-15:15  Logo Bio-techneBio-techne
    New Rapid Immunoassay Solutions: Quantikine quality in a fraction of the time
    Warren Higgs

Plenary Session


Auditorium 450 (Level 2)Cancer Immunology

Chairs: Régis Josien (Nantes, France) and Nicolas Poirier (Nantes, France) Logo OSE

  • Miriam Merad (New-York, USA): Myeloid Determinants of Tumor Immunity
  • Alexandre Boissonnas (Paris, France): Treg/monocyte crosstalk following conventional cancer therapies


Mezzanine & Espace R2 (Level 2)Coffee break - Visit of exhibition & Posters

Parallel Sessions


Auditorium 450 (Level 2)Cancer Immunotherapy

Chairs: Nathalie Labarrière (Nantes, France) and Catherine Rabu (Nantes, France)

  • Éric Tartour (Paris, France): Resident memory T cells and cancer immunotherapy
  • Jürgen Kuball (Utrecht, The Netherlands): γδ TCR engineered T cells

Selected short oral presentations

  • Emilie Dupré (Nantes, France): A novel strategy to identify melanoma-antigen from long non coding RNA
  • Irini Evnouchidou (Paris, France): IRAP-dependent TCR endosomal signalling is essential for T cell response
  • Ludovic Martinet (Toulouse, France): Eomes-dependent CD226 loss alters TCR responsiveness and restrains CD8+ T lymphocyte anti-tumor functions


Salle G-H (Level 2)Germinal Center Club

Chairs: Nicolas Fazilleau (Toulouse, France), Marion Espeli (Clamart, France) and Patricia Amé-Thomas (Rennes, France)

  • Céline Delaloy (Rennes, France): IL-2, BACH2 and B cell fate programming near the germinal center
  • Julia Jellusova (Freiburg, Germany): The role of the multifunctional autophagy adaptor protein p62/SQSTM1 in B cell activation and metabolism

Selected short oral presentations

  • Amélie Bonaud (Paris, France): Analysis of SNARE-mediated regulation of plasma cell biology
  • Manuel D. Diaz-Munoz (Toulouse, France): The RNA-binding protein HuR is required for germinal center responses and high-affinity antibody production
  • Virginie Tardif (Philadelphia, PA, USA): A Novel Follicular Regulatory Innate Lymphoid Cell (ILCFR) Population present in human tonsils disrupts germinal centers and expands in chronic viral infection


Salle 200 (Level 2)NeuroImmunology Club

Chairs: Lennart Mars (Lille, France) and Sylvia Cohen-Kaminsky (Le Plessis-Robinson, France)

  • Doron Merkler (Geneva, Switzerland): Cytotoxic T cells as drivers of immunopathology in the central nervous system
  • Roland Liblau (Toulouse, France): Learning from animal models to understand the pathophysiology of Narcolepsy and Susac syndrome
  • Alexander Flügel (Goettingen, Germany): β-synuclein-reactive T cells cause autoimmune CNS grey matter degeneration


Salle I (Level 2)Mast Cell/Basophil Club

Chairs: Adrian Piliponsky (Seattle, USA) and Nicolas Gaudenzio (Toulouse, France)

  • Adrian Piliponsky (Seattle, USA): Unraveling the role of mast cells and basophils in innate immunity and sepsis

Selected short oral presentations

  • Ulrich Blank (Paris, France): Mast cell chymase limits neutrophil activation and recruitment protecting against ischemic reperfusion injury
  • Mei Li (Illkirch, France): IL-3 plays a crucial role in basophil extravasation to mouse skin with allergic contact dermatitis
  • Laurent Reber (Toulouse, France): Characterization of a novel mouse model humanized for IgE and its high-affinity receptor FcεRI
  • Marie Tauber (Toulouse, France): A new mouse model of mast cell-deficiency based on the specific depletion of Mrgrpb2-expressing cells


Mezzanine & Espace R2 (Level 2)Poster Session 1

& Welcome cocktail

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