SFI 2019

12 to 14 November 2019 - Nantes events Center, Nantes, France

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Thursday 14 November


Mezzanine & Espace R2 (Level 2)Welcome coffee

Plenary Session


Auditorium 450 (Level 2)Microbiota and Immune system

Chairs: Marie Bodinier (Nantes, France) and Emmanuelle Godefroy (Nantes, France)

  • Laurence Zitvogel (Villejuif, France): Microbiome in cancer therapy
  • Francine Jotereau (Nantes, France): Microbiota-induced Treg: characteristics and potential role in human immune disorders
  • Julien Diana (Paris, France): Crosstalk between gut microbiota, innate immune cells and endocrine cells in the pancreas regulates autoimmune diabetes


Mezzanine & Espace R2 (Level 2)Coffee break - Visit of exhibition & Posters

Parallel Sessions


Salle 200 (Level 2)Mucosal Immunity

Chairs: Anne Jarry (Nantes, France) and Christelle Harly (Nantes, France)

  • Jérôme Martin (New York, USA): Single-Cell Analysis of Crohn’s Disease Lesions Identifies a Pathogenic Cellular Module Associated with Resistance to Anti-TNF Therapy
  • Barbara Joyce-Shaikh (San Francisco, USA): Regulatory T cells restrain IL-23-producing CX3CR1+ gut resident macrophages during ILC3-driven colitis through LAG3

Selected short oral presentations

  • Cédric Jacqueline (Nantes, France): SIRP-α is a major check-point of the reprogramming of resident alveolar macrophages leading to the susceptibility to secondary pneumonia
  • François Legoux (Paris, France): Microbial metabolites control the thymic development of mucosal-associated invariant T cells
  • Laïla Letaïef (Paris, France): Sympathetic nerve fibers control tertiary lymphoid structure neogenesis


Salle G-H (Level 2)Allergy

Chairs: Karine Adel-Patient (Gif-Sur-Yvette, France) and Amédée Renand (Nantes, France)

  • Erik Wambre (Seattle, USA): Biomarkers of T cell responses in allergic diseases
  • Karine Adel-Patient (Saclay, France): How breastmilk can modulate the immune response to food allergens in the progeny?

Selected short oral presentations

  • Lilian Basso (Toulouse, France): House dust mites activate nociceptor-mast cell clusters to drive type 2 skin inflammation
  • Hoa Mai (Nantes, France): Targeting the IL-7Rα as a potential therapeutic approach for allergic asthma
  • Christopher Mueller (Strasbourg, France): Vitamin D3 promotes human Th2 responses by TSLP-dependent and -independent regulation of dendritic cells


Auditorium 450 (Level 2)Innate T lymphocytes

Chairs: Maria Leite-de-Moraes (Paris, France), Christophe Paget (Tours, France) and Emmanuel Scotet (Nantes, France)

  • Julie Ribot (Lisbonne, Portugal): Unconventional functions for non conventional T cells
  • Stefan Gadola (Southampton, UK): Recognition of CD1 by human T cells

Selected short oral presentations

  • Kamel Benlagha (Paris, France): Characterization of the develomental landscape of RORγt+ iNKT cells
  • Guillaume Lezmi (Paris, France): Evidence for a MAIT-17-HIGH phenotype in children with severe asthma
  • Chirine Rafia (Nantes, France): TGF-β impairs the antitumour function and metabolism activity of human Vγ9Vδ2 T lymphocytes


Espace R0 (Level 0)Lunch

Mezzanine & Espace R2 (Level 2)Coffee - Visit of exhibition & Posters

Parallel Sessions


Auditorium 450 (Level 2)Tolerance and Autoimmunity

Chairs: Abdelhadi Saoudi (Toulouse, France) and Matthieu Giraud (Paris, France)

  • Roberto Mallone (Paris, France): Benign islet autoimmunity and type 1 diabetes: a T-cell viewpoint
  • Magali Irla (Marseille, France): Establishment of T-cell tolerance: implication of the thymic crosstalk

Selected short oral presentations

  • Marine Besnard (Nantes, France): Anti-CD45RC mAb Immunotherapy Controls the Development of Auto-Immune Symptoms in an APECED Rat Model of AIRE Deficiency
  • Rémi Marrocco (Toulouse, France): Role of Themis1-Vav1 signaling hub in Tregs function in the context of CNS autoimmunity
  • Benoit Salomon (Paris, France): Regulatory T cell function is dependent on AMPK in a tumor context


Salle G-H (Level 2)Host-Pathogen interactions

Chairs: Céline Bressollette-Bodin (Nantes, France) and Antoine Roquilly (Nantes, France)

  • Morgane Bomsel (Paris, France): Replication-competent HIV-1 reservoirs form in mucosal tissue macrophages of patients under antiretroviral therapy
  • Estelle Marion (Angers, France): Skin-specific antibodies neutralizing mycolactone

Selected short oral presentations

  • Céline Maquet (Liège, Belgium): Ly6Chi monocytes are key orchestrators of gammaherpesvirus lifecycle
  • Cyrille Mionnet (Marseille, France): Pertussis Toxin is critical to generate tissue memory T cell population in the lungs of B. pertussis infected mice
  • Mustapha Si-Tahar (Tours, France): Towards an immunometabolic anti-influenza therapy


Salle 200 (Level 2)Medical Immunology

New therapeutic targets in immune-mediated inflammatory diseases

Chairs: Régis Josien (Nantes, France) and Hélène Moins (Paris, France)

  • Carole Guillonneau (Nantes, France): Anti-CD45RC antibody immunotherapy to induce tolerance in transplantation and autoimmune diseases
  • Dominique Baeten (Amsterdam, The Netherlands): Dual neutralization of IL-17A and IL-17F in chronic inflammatory disesaes: from immunosupression to resolution of inflammation
  • Yves Renaudineau (Brest, France): STIM1 at the B cell plasma membrane as a new therapeutic target in cancer and autoimmune diseases

Plenary Sessions


Auditorium 450 (Level 2)Systems Immunology

Chairs: Hans Yssel (Paris, France) and Shai Shen-Orr (Haïfa, Israel)

  • Vassili Soumelis (Paris, France): Systems modeling of human dendritic cell-T cell communication
  • Véronique Thomas-Vaslin (Paris, France): Systems Immunology for Modeling T cell Dynamics
  • Shai Shen-Orr (Haïfa, Israel): Charting the immunological landscape - system dynamics and clinical implications


Auditorium 450 (Level 2)What’s new in Immunology?

Chairs: Roland Liblau (Toulouse, France) and Anne Hosmalin (Paris, France)

  • Conclusion
    Marc Bonneville (Lyon, France): New trends in immunology: an industrial outlook


Auditorium 450 (Level 2)Prizes and Meeting closing