SFI 2021

7 to 9 December 2021 - Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, Paris, France

Bandeau - SFI 2021

Tuesday 7 December


Foyer (Level S1) Meeting registration

Plenary Sessions


Amphi. Gaston Berger (Level S2)Welcome introduction

  • Renato Monteiro, President of the SFI


Amphi. Gaston Berger (Level S2)Keynote lecture (Conférence Pierre Grabar)

Chair: Renato Monteiro (Paris)

  • Alain Fischer (Paris): From inborn errors of immunity to (physio)pathology and therapy. The case of « SCID-X1 »


Amphi. Gaston Berger (Level S2)Immune systems diversity

Chairs: Vassili Soumelis (Paris) & Laetitia Gautreau (Nantes)

  • Olivier Lantz (Paris): MAIT cell diversity: from anti-microbial to tissue repair functions
  •  Steffen Jung (Rehovot, Israel): Cognate Microglia - T cell interactions control remission from EAE pathology
  • Sophie Brouard (Nantes): Regulatory B cells from the proof of concept to the transplantation in human


Foyers (Levels S1, S2 and S3)Coffee break - Visit of exhibition - Posters

Parallel Sessions


Salle Louis Armand Est (Level S3)Neutrophil Club - Neutrophil facing virus

Logo neutrophile-ClubChairs: Jamel El Benna (Paris) & Sarah Walmsley (Edinburgh, UK)

  •  Darko Stojkov (Bern, Switzerland): Molecular mechanisms of NETs-Role of Gasdermind D in NET formation
  • Natalia Reglero-Real (London, UK): Microvascular endothelial cell autophagy regulates neutrophil trafficking in inflammation

Selected short oral presentations

  • Banndith Cheat (Montrouge): Role of NLRP3 inflammasome in periodontitis: Friend or Foe?
  • Manuela Pereira Abrantes (Lyon): Identification of a novel tumor-associated neutrophil subtype expressing the EpCAM epithelial marker
  • Rodrigo De Oliveira Formiga (Paris): Targeting host neuraminidases for the regulation of neutrophils function during systemic inflammation


Salle Louis Armand Ouest (Level S3)Antibody Club

Logo Anticorps-ClubChairs: Claudine Vermot (Lyon) & Guy Gorochov (Paris)

  • Guy Gorochov (Paris): Deleterious and beneficial antibodies in COVID-19
  • Bernard Vanhove (Nantes): XAV-19, a swine glyco-humanized polyclonal antibody against SARSCoV- 2 Spike Receptor-Binding Domain, targets multiple epitopes and Broadly Neutralizes Variants

Selected short oral presentations

  • Ngoc Khanh Nguyen (Nantes): Characterization of BK-specific monoclonal antibodies in kidney transplant recipients after BK polyomavirus reactivation
  • Delphine Planas (Paris): Comparison of neutralizing antibodies induced by Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Janssen or Coronavac vaccines up to 9 months post immunization
  • Yasmine Lounici (Lyon): Complementary but distinct protective roles of tumor-infiltrating IgG and 
    IgA-producing cells


Amphi. Gaston Berger (Level S2)Innate T cell Club

Logo Innate-clubChairs: Maria Leite-de-Moraes (Paris) & Julie Déchanet-Merville (Bordeaux)

  • Christophe Paget (Tours): Revisiting the functional development of iNKT cells
  • Thomas Herrmann (Würzburg, Germany): Butyrophilins and the stimulation of Vγ9Vδ2 T cells by phosphoantigens

Selected short oral presentations

  • Anastasia De Poulpiquet Du Halgouet (Paris): Mechanisms underlying MAIT ability to promote skin wound healing
  • Hélène Bugaut (Paris): Single-cell RNAseq reveals a core developmental program for MAIT cells among mammals
  • Chirine Rafia (Nantes): Dynamics of Butyrophilin (BTN)-3A1 and -2A1 within Vγ9Vδ2 T cell synapses


Salle 2 (Level S3)Session Médicale - Le HLA du 21e siècle sera différent

Modérateurs : Florent Delbos (Paris) & Alice Aarnink (Nancy)

  • Nicolas Guillaume (Amiens): HLA and transplantation: quoi de neuf, Docteur ?
  • Jean-Luc Taupin (Paris) : HLA - le labyrinthe de ses épitopes pour les cellules T et B
  • Federica Pierini (Paris): Functional consequence of adaptive immunogenetic variation in humans


Salle Louis Armand Est (Level S3)Session de DPC : Immunomonitorage des biothérapies

ODPC organisateur : ODPCI, n°5098 - Action n° 50982100002 “sous réserve de publication”

Session et inscription indépendantes du congrès. Si vous souhaitez participer à l’ODPCI, merci de consulter le lien suivant : immunology.fr/event/odpci-immunomonitoring-des-biotherapies/

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Foyers (Levels S1, S2 and S3)Lunch

Coffee - Visit of exhibition - Posters

Plenary Session


Amphi. Gaston Berger (Level S2)Industry Symposium

Chairs: Patricia Amé (Rennes) & Jacques Nunès (Marseille)

  • Logo LuminexBeckman Coulter Life Sciences
    Immunology by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences
    Anis Larbi
  • Logo Thermo-FisherThermo Fisher Scientific
    Seeing is believing by Thermo Fisher Scientific
    Stéphane Behar and Guerric Epron
  • Logo AgilentAgilent Technologies
    Innovative Agilent Tools for Cell Analysis
    Pascale Daou
  • Logo FluidigmFluidigm
    CyTOF XT : La cytométrie 45 paramètres et plus accessible à tous !
    Sathiesan Thambirajah
  • Logo Miltenyi-BiotecMiltenyi Biotec
    SARS-CoV-2 specific B cells and antibodies analysis by Miltenyi Biotec
    Shahul Mouhamad
  • Logo BDBD
    Road to complex biology: High parameters solutions to enhance your scientific program
    Andrea Negro
  • Logo CSTLogo OzymeOzyme / CST
    How CST helps to accelerate oncology and tumoral microenvironnement researches?
    Stéphane Moal (Cell Signaling Technology)
  • Logo nanostringNanoString Technologies
    In situ profiling of interdigitated compartments with the GeoMx® by nanoString
    Jean-Baptiste Penigault
  • Logo StemcellStemcell Technologies
    Tools for Immunology Research
    Julien Trapes
  • Logo BiolegendBioLegend
    From Multicolor Flowcytometry to MultiOmics
    Camille Baey
  • Logo CytekCytek Biosciences
    Nasri Benzahia
  • Logo quanterixQuanterix
    Simoa Technologies: Ultra-sensitive Measurements of Biomarkers
    Milena Milutinovic
  • Logo Bio-techneBio-techne
    Next generation Immunoassay solutions for Immune Response Characterization
    Sébastien Guibert


Salle Louis Armand Ouest (Level S3)SFI General Assembly

Plenary Session


Amphi. Gaston Berger (Level S2)Metabolism and immunity

Chairs: Agnès Lehuen (Paris) & Nicolas Venteclef (Paris)

  •  Patrice Cani (Louvain, Belgium): Correlation vs causation: Akkermansia case
  • David Dombrowicz (Lille): Metabolic and innate immune cues merge into a specific inflammatory response via the UPR
  • Nicolas Venteclef (Paris): Epigenomic regulation of macrophage plasticity in Type 2 Diabetes


Foyers (Levels S1, S2 and S3)Coffee break - Visit of exhibition - Posters

Plenary Session


Amphi. Gaston Berger (Level S2)French Club of Young Immunologists

Logo neutrophile-ClubChairs: Mathieu Chevalier (Paris), Laetitia Gautreau-Rolland (Nantes),
Noushin Mossadegh-Keller (Marseille) & Myriam Nabhan (Dublin, Ireland)

  • Logo Miltenyi-BiotecNoushin Mossadegh-Keller, Vice President of the SFI: Introduction
  • Ines Malenica-Ambor (Milano, Italy): Integrin-αV-mediated activation of TGF-β regulates
    anti-tumour CD8 T-cell immunity and response to PD-1 blockade
  • Nana Talvard-Balland (Paris): Human MAIT cells inhibit alloreactive T-cell responses and protect from GVHD immunopathology
  • Amélie GrosJean (Paris): Understanding the phenotype and role of pancreatic islet resident macrophages
  • Marina Boudigou (Brest): Dual response to IL-21 and IFN-α reveals the existence of human B-cell precursors with multiple differentiation potentials
  • Best research paper of the year Laureate presentation


Salle Louis Armand Ouest (Level S3)ASSIM General Assembly


Foyers (Levels S2 and S3)Poster Session 1 - odd-numbered posters

Stand 54 (Level S2)NanoString Technologies: Spatial Biology awards for Immunology Research

Logo nanostringimmunology.fr/en/news/nanostring-grant-program/

Foyers (Levels S1 and S2)& Welcome cocktail

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