ICN 2020

3 to 8 May 2020, Conference Centre of Antibes Juan-les-Pins, France

Bandeau - ICN 2020

Tours and activities

Conference tours are scheduled on Wednesday. Their costs are not included in the registration fees to accommodate delegates who may prefer to spend the day visiting Caps d’Antibe’s many museums, beaches, markets and other attractions. Tour prices will be available soon.

Congress tours

Visit a horticultural farm in Antibes

The city of Antibes has long been called the capital of the Rose and had many horticultural properties on its territory. Today, the few family farms still in opera­tion give you the opportunity to discover the world of horticulture: greenhouses flowering potted plants, vegetable plants, gardening workshops, planting tips…

A tour in Monaco

Though the Principalty of Monaco is a tiny country, there are lots of monuments and places to see. You can take a walk on the ‘Port Hercule’ looking at the beautiful boats in the harbour, visit the 11th century Church of Sainte-Dévote dedicated to the Patron Saint of the Principalty, stroll around the Casino, eat barbagiuans at the Condamine Market, walk along the ‘Sculptures Path’ or visit the Princess Grace Rose Garden.

A guided tour of the fragonard factory and the international perfume museum

Both factory and museum are located in the iconic town of Grasse, the birthplace of luxury perfumes of which France was the initiator.
The historic perfume factory ‘Parfumerie Fragonard’ is one of the oldest in Grasse. On a daily basis cosmetics and soaps are produced in a setting imbued with respect for tradition. You can discover the various procedures involved in creating and producing. At the end of this tour you can admire 3.000 years of perfume history in the private museum. The ‘Fabrique des Fleurs’ modern factory devoted to perfumery and aromatic plants is surrounded by a superb garden of plants used in perfume making. Founded in 1989, the International Perfume Museum is the only museum of its kind in the world. Dedicated to one of the most prestigious traditional French activities, the museum is a public institution allowing visitors to discover the history and uniqueness of the profession of manufacturers and large perfumery houses. A true testament to the international technical, aesthetic, social and cultural history of the tradition of the use of scents, the museum takes an anthropological approach to the history of fragrances in all its aspects.


Accompanying persons programme


The Tourist Office organises guided tours to enable visitors to discover Antibes Juan-les-Pins from both traditional and more original angles.

Juan-Les-Pins, from the ‘Belle Epoque’ to the roaring twenties!

A discovery of the resort’s history, from its creation in the 19th century up until today. You can admire the hidden gems of Juan-les-Pins, which was already appreciated by Maupassant and Monet when they stayed on the Riviera, as well as the ‘Belle Epoque’ villas and their lush gardens; the palaces and dance halls from the Roaring Twenties and the famous names who went there; the international jazz stage of the pine grove, Pinède Gould…

Riviera Lines

Visit the Lerins islands, St Tropez, La Corniche d’Or, Monaco from Juan-les-Pins and Golfe Juan.

Guided tour in the footsteps of the great painters

Learn to love Antibes through the eyes of the different artists who lived or stayed here and painted the town and its landscapes. Thanks to panels set up on the very spots where the originals were painted, you can follow in the footsteps of those artists and understand how they became fascinated by the extraordinary light and magical colours of the French Riviera.

Old Antibes, step by step...

During this walking tour, you will discover the fascinating history of Antibes, a city created by the Greeks and developed by the Romans, ravaged by the Barbarians, then fortified under the reign of Henri IV and Louis XIV. Enjoy the beauty of its medieval town, its ramparts walls along the sea-front, the Provencalmarket, the famous Port Vauban and the flowery Safranier neighbourdhood.