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1 to 6 May 2022, Conference Centre of Antibes Juan-les-Pins, France

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What French Riviera has to offer

General information:

The so called French Riviera is the Côte d’Azur in French. The French Riviera comprises the entire coastline running from Monaco to St Tropez, and inland to Grasse, a city known worldwide for perfume. Over a million people reside along the French Riviera, and Nice is the administrative capital of this region and its largest city. Almost any outdoors activity you can name is within easy reach from scuba diving to skiing, from hiking to shing, canyoning and tennis. The French Riviera is recognized internationally as a very popular and interesting destination, with unparalleled hospitality and beautiful scenery. This reputation often leads to increased conference attendance, by both delegates and accompanying persons.


A good part of the allure of the French Riviera is its Mediterranean climate. Sea breezes keep the summers from being stifling while the bright and frequent sunshine keep the winters mild. May is one of the best months to visit the French Riviera as the weather is guaranteed gorgeous. During this month there are lots of attractions: the Cannes Film Festival, the Monte Carlo Formula 1 ‘Grand Prix’. Do try to attend both events for the glamour and the ambience. For a more down-to-earth experience, drop in on the Corn Festival (‘Fête des Mais’) that takes place every Sunday throughout the month at the Arenes de Cimiez in Nice.


Antibes-Juan-les-Pins is a safe and welcoming city. The city is one of the friendliest in Europe and maintains a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to the new state of the art convention center, Antibes-Juan-les-Pins offers superb hotel facilities and other modern facilities for delegates, sponsors and exhibitors.


The hilltop villages or ‘villages perchés’ are one of the most endearing attractions of the French Riviera. Perched like hats on top of verdant hills, these villages combine the allure of medieval architecture with birds-eye views of the Riviera coast and mountains. Most villages emerged during the 12th and 13th centuries when peasants clustered together in an easily defensible position to protect themselves from pirates and marauding armies.


The French Riviera was once home to the world’s greatest modern artists. Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Renoir,...drawn to the area by the stunning way in which sunlight washed over the buildings and sea. Museums dedicated to all these painters are present in the French Riviera, including the Maeght’s foundation which contains one of the biggest 20th century art collections in Europe.

Mercantour National Park:

At less than one hour from Nice, the Mercantour National Park stretches for 100 km to cover a total of 685 sq km. Its highest peaks reach 3.000 m and there are 28 villages tucked into the mountains and valleys. The archaeological highlight of the park is the ‘Vallée des Merveilles’ which is known for its prehistoric engravings, dating from the Bronze Age.


There are many wonderful sights on the French Riviera but one of the greatest pleasures is enjoying one of the magnificent French Riviera beaches. There is a tremendous variety of beaches on the French Riviera from the galets (pebble) beaches of Nice to the sandy beaches of Cap d’Ail or Cap d’Antibes.

Life style in French Riviera:

There’s an abundance of fine restaurants serving up delicious local produce and wines. Nightlife ranges from grungy to grand and the shopping is a fashionista’s delight.

Finally, we guarantee you will habe a great experience and enjoyable stay in Antibes Juan-les-Pins and France.