SFM 2019

30 September to 2 October 2019 - Cité des sciences et de l’industrie - La Villette - Paris

Bandeau - SFM 2019

Scientific program

Société Française de Microbiologie (SFM): topics of the 15th 2019 National Congress

Antimicrobial agents

  1. Structural biology for developing novel antimicrobial agents
  2. New antibiotics
  3. Antimicrobial peptides
  4. Modelling clone diffusion and evolution from genomic and epidemiological data
  5. Impacts of heavy metals and low antibiotic concentration on bacterial resistance
  6. Horizontal gene transfer and the evolution of antibiotic resistance
  7. Antibiotic resistance, persistence and tolerance
  8. Action plans to combat antibiotic resistance (in association with the ITMO I3M)
  9. New targets in anti-infective therapeutics (in association with SFP)
  10. Antifungal therapies (in association with SFMM/SFPT)
  11. New immunotherapeutic approaches (in association with SFI)
Clinical Microbiology

  1. Domestic animals, sentinel animals or zoonotic vectors?
  2. Phage therapy (in association with GREPI)
  3. Infections of the central nervous system
  4. News on respiratory viruses
  5. Pathophysiology of Flavivirus infections (in association with ASM)
  6. New technologies in microbiology
  7. SFM guidelines publication and action
  8. Networks' contributions (in association with Col BVH)
  9. Syndromic diagnoses
  10. High throughput sequencing for infection controls
  11. Emerging viruses
Food Microbiology

  1. Organoleptic and nutritional qualities
  2. Food safety
  3. Antibiotic resistance and bacterial communities
  4. Sporulated bacteria : pathogen and of technological interest
  5. Campylobacter
  6. Food-borne virus
Environmental microbiology and microbial ecology

  1. Host-pathogen interactions
  2. Dark matter: a new challenge
  3. CO2 fixation by environmental ecosystems (in association with AFEM)
  4. How to prevent and combat biofilms?
  5. Interaction between plants and microorganisms
  6. Vector-borne diseases of plants and animals
Industrial microbiology and biotechnology

  1. CO2 fixation by bioprocesses (in association with FFBiotech)
  2. Cellular heterogeneity and bioprocesses (in association with FFBiotech)
  3. Synthetic biology and biotechnology
  4. Flow cytometry in microbiology (in association with AFC)
Microbiota and toxicology

  1. Intestinal microbiota: a toxicity promoter (in association with STCM)
  2. Microbiota and food (in association with STCM)
  3. Microbiota and xenobiotics (in association with STCM)
  4. Microbiota and nanoparticles (in association with ARET/STCM)
  5. Pollution and climate impact on the environmental microbiota (in association with ARET)
  6. Microbiota and cyanobacteria (in association with ARET)
  7. Microbiota in environmental ecotoxicology (in association with ARET)
  8. New models to study microbiota (in association with ARET)
Microbial pathogenesis and fundamental microbiology

  1. Metabolism and microbial pathogenesis
  2. Modulation of cell signalling pathways by microbes (in association with SFV)
  3. Organs-on-chips, a new paradigm
  4. Structure and function of microbial envelopes
  5. Evolution of bacteria (in association with SSM)
  6. Phage biology: renaissance of a discipline